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Or, here is a list of frequently asked questions.

What is an escape room?
An escape room is an active adventure game where you solve puzzles and clues to collect keys and codes. These will help you to complete the room by either escaping or reaching the final goal.

How many people can an escape room hold?
Although all escape rooms are designed differently,  we like to offer challenges that can keep 10 players occupied at the same time.    We love to see the interactions and communication of  teams,  families,  and friends.

What if I don’t have 6-10 people in my group?
We can join your group with another group to help with the challenges.

How long does an escape room take?
Please arrive on time for a fifteen minute briefing.  Our escape rooms are timed for one hour experiences.  You may be clever and complete the goal in less than an hour.  We will take pictures of your group and briefly talk about your experience.

How difficult is an escape room?
For each person the experience could be different, for some participants a clue could be very easy, but for others it may be more difficult. We have built our clues so that anyone can solve them if they pay close attention.