Escape Rooms

Whether it’s a fun night out with friends or a team building experience with your work colleagues, Enigma Escape Experience has you covered. With two escape rooms in the making and many more to come. We hope to see you again and again.


Does an ancient culture guard a secret connection to our solar system?
Your archaeologist friend seems to think so.
His recent letters tell of his many desperate attempts to uncover the forbidden secrets of a lost people and their unique artifacts.
Will he succeed or will he delve too greedily and too deeply into the forbidden?
A tattered package has just arrived which may contain answers.


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Tesla’s Dream

Nikola Tesla, the greatest mind in history, has a secret that went with him to the grave. Can you discover his secret? Can you use your genius to find what time has lost?

RETCON is looking for agents willing to take on the challenge and uncover Tesla’s Secrets.


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