We specialize in Team Building!

communication is key

If you got this far, you must be hoping to bring your team to a higher level of performance, improved efficiency, wider perspective, and maybe even enhanced connection. There is nothing wrong with motivational lectures, team building seminars, and even reading your self-help book or ten. However, the primary problem with all of these strategies and even with team building workshops is that the material is often not engaging nor interactive enough for your team to gain buy-in and personal accountability.

improve performance

We offer a different approach to team building and growth training through our engaging and interactive themed escape experiences. With our experience, you will receive guided team briefing and debriefing, full video documentation, and eyewitness testimony of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss excellence and opportunities within the growth categories of communication, teamwork, planning, trust, self-esteem, leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving with your team as part of your growth training package.